Pricing Model and Structure for Classic Solutions

You can choose the Classic Model for payment of solutions
(The Classic Model is where you pay for development up front in two parts, a deposit before development starts and the balance once the development has been completed.)

The Classic model means that:
  • You pay for the development of the solution.
  • You have full access to the source code and you may host the solution on your own servers.
  • We can provide hosting or you can provide your own hosting.
There are 3 components that determine the monthly cost of the solution:

After we have gone through an Analysis process, we would provide you with a quotation on the cost of the solution based on our estimated development cost.

The good news is that you would know how much you are in for from the outset!

The payment is due in two parts, the first is the deposit, which is normally 30% of the full development cost, and upon sign-off, the balance is required before the solution goes live.

You have full control over the solution and the source code is handed over to you once full payment has been received.

Each solution is hosted on a dedicated Virtual Machine on a Cloud Platform at a Dedicated Internet Service Provider.

We have relationships with approved hosts all over the world. The host we choose for your solution would always comply with strict requirements to ensure that you get the best service level.

We would provide you with a quote on hosting, which would include management of the host, database, backups and disaster recovery.

Your hosting cost is therefore not just for hosting, it is for the entire management of the hosted solution.

Hosting cost may increase when your business grow and you require more/faster resources. Hosting cost may also be revised annually, but this is done in consultation with you.

You may also host your solution on your own hardware.

Custom Solutions require a certain amount of support. We offer support on the solutions based on your support requirements. This would depend on the availability and response time that you may require as well as the level of administrative user in your business.

We offer support to your system administrator who acts as your primary point of contact, the system administrator provides support to the rest of your company. Support would be quoted for initially and may be revised later as your support requirements increase.

Support does not include any further development work, but it does include the correction of bugs in the system that were not identified during the testing of the solution.

Further Development

The advantage of custom software development is that you can add further features on a later stage when it is required.

We will quote you on changes that you may require in the software.

Advantages of this Pricing Model

  • Remain in Control
    You remain fully in control of your software and you have full access to the source code.
  • Reduced Ongoing Costs
    Since you pay for the solution up front, your ongoing costs are much lower.
  • No "Per User" Fees
    Mo additional license fees when more additional staff use the solution.

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