Further Development

Further development may be defined as any alteration that you may require on your solution. Below are examples of such developments:

  • Changes to the Solution
  • Changes to Reports
  • New Reports
  • Changes to Dashboards
  • New Dashboards
  • Additional Fields / Tables
  • Removal of Fields / Changes
  • Major Changes to the Solution

Further Development Costs for Minor Changes

Further development would be charged at an hourly rate for small changes, with the minimum billing time per request being 3 hours. One request may contain serveral items. The rate at which such changes will be billed will be determined by the agreement.

Any changes must be requested in writing by email and must be sent by the authorized systems adminsitrator who would be the only person who may request further development.

Further development requests must be sent to support@noproblem.co.za

Major Changes or new Additions

Major changes or new additions may be requested and will be quoted for using the normal analysis / quotation process. Such changes will alter the cost of the monthly rental fee on SAAS agreements and therefore an addendum to the agreement will be added and must be signed by both parties. New additions or Major Changes may be requested by emailing sales@noproblem.co.za

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