Once you have signed an Agreement and you have paid the Fees, we commence the development process

Development Schedule

We will provide you with a development schedule. This schedule would provide approximate timeframes in which you can expect the development and testing phases to be completed. The schedule is not cast in stone as there are some facets of the process which is difficult to predict. In general we perform within the scheduled time, however since there might be information required from yourself, or from third parties, the time allocated may be exceeded.


Developers will be tasked with your development of your solution on our platform. These developers will be monitored by an Analyst and also by the Sales Agent.

Progress will be monitored and reported back to you by the Sales Agent.

Once the project has reached a certain stage it will be loaded onto our Testing Servers. The purpose of the testing servers would be to provide a "work in progress" preview to parties involved such as the Sales Agent, the Analyst, the Developers and yourself to provide feedback and test for possible issues.

By involving the client in the testing of the solution through the development process, we ensure that we stay within the defined scope and that you achieve what you require.

Once the development draws towards a close, a release version is announced. This must be tested in detail by all testers to ensure that there are no longer any issues in the application.

When no further issues may be found, the development is signed off by the Sales Agent, Analyst and Client.

The Next Step: Implementation

Once the Solution has been Signed Off, implementation may start Implementation.

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