Establishing your Requirements

Our very first step is to establish your requirements. To achieve this, we ask you a whole bunch of questions related to your business and what you would like to achieve. If you have any notes that we could study, we combine that with the details that you have given us to form a Scope Document.

Scope Document

The Scope document outlines the scope of the project. It is like a specification but less technical. The important process flows are visualised with flow charts, some database architecture diagrams are included as well as a general explanation of what the solution must accomplish. All deliverables are listed. Once completed, the Scope Document would be used as a basis to determine the cost of the project and later, the Scope Document would be used as a gauge to determine whether all deliverables have been completed.

Analysis is a Free Service

Whereas there are many software development houses that charge for Analysis, we do it for free.
We like to work with small and medium sized businesses and see them to grow. We know small businesses do not have the budget to spend huge amounts on analysis only to arrive at an estimated cost and find that they cannot afford the development, therefore we do the analysis for free. In return we ask that you do not ask for an analysis unless you are really serious about doing business with us and also not unless you do have a budget for renting the solution or for development fees.
Making use of our analysis services does not put you under any obligation to make use of our development services.

No Agreement Required for the Analysis Phase

We do not require an formal agreement for the analysis phase.
Simply contact us, give us your requirements and we will get onto it.
You have the opportunity to determine whether we seem capable of understanding your project, without any commitment.

After the analysis we will provide an exact Quotation of the costs involved should you decide to go ahead.

The Next Step: Providing a Quotation

After the analysis has been done, we go to the next step which is to provide you with a Quotation. The Quotation is a document that describes exactly what the solution would cost based on the analysis.

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